Wedding Day Lightroom Workflow

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Wedding Day Lightroom Workflow


Wedding Day Lightroom Workflow

Wedding Day Lightroom Presets

Wedding Day Lightroom Workflow Presets Collection gives you everything you need to professionally process your images. This comprehensive suite of Lightroom presets was designed for wedding photographers.

We have filled this presets with unique and adjustable styles to choose from. Simple tools in just ONE Click! for the every day working photographer and photo enthusiast. Simplify your workflow and be efficient in your choice of tools to get the most out of your work day.

What You will Get :

  • High end lightroom post-processing presets
  • 4 Cinematic Crop Lightroom Preset
  • PDF Installation Instructions
  • A Full Overview Of The Product



This Lightroom Workflow Presets gives you everything you need to professionally process your images. This premium bundle of Lightroom presets are designed for Wedding photographers.

      • 16 High Quality Professionally designed Lightroom presets
      • Easy to use & Install
      • PDF Installation Instructions are included
      • Compatible with Lightroom 4Lightroom 5Lightroom 6 (CC versions)
      • Works on Video
      • All presets have been tested with Adobe Lightroom CC, Adobe Lightroom 6, Adobe Lightroom 5, Adobe Lightroom 4
      • Designed to be used with: RAWJPGDNGTIFF
      • Can be easily adjusted to fit your image
      • Efficient & Fast editing tools
      • Realistic grain & Vintage effects
      • A complete solution for the every day working photographer and Photo enthusiast.
      • The file type: .lrtemplate

This are lightroom presets which works with only lightroom, this files will not work with Photoshop

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More Examples

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