Best Palm Grip Mouse

Best Palm Grip Mouse

There are many ways through which you can hold your mouse and each of them has it’s both advantages and disadvantages too. The palm grip mouse is the most widely used because it is most often used by PC users and also gamers every day.
One of the common ways that many users hold their mouse in the palm grip and the palm grip mouse, the palm and fingers make full contact with the mouse’s upper surface, allowing low tension and improving the shoulder and the elbow aim.
As a palm grip user, you should be looking for such a mouse that has a vertical incline and arch to support the palm. Besides, palm users choose such mice that are wider and longer since they are resting their whole hand across the device. The palm grip does not provide you with the freedom of movement but it may potentially provide you with a more consistent aim.
With all of the advantages of the palm grip mouse, there are some disadvantages too, and before considering the mouse put them in your mind. Here, we have some of the best palm grip mouse, which will help you improve your aim and involve resting your entire palm on the body of the mouse.

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Buying Guide
●Choosing a mouse grip is completely a personal preference and there are some general guidelines to help you decide which grip you think you use and what kind of mouse you should be looking for.
●You can pick up any cheap mouse pad for everyday tasks or even avoid it altogether. You will see that almost all pro gamers use a high-quality mouse pad so that they can achieve the best tracking quality and smooth glide. Generally, you should go with a soft mouse pad for an optical sensor, and a hard (plastic) pad, if you are using a laser. Although there are some exceptions rules, in most cases you will get the benefit to buy the best palm grip mouse this way.
●If you put your whole hand across your mouse then you’re a palm grip user. Usually, users using their forearm to use the palm grip tend to move their mouse. On the other hand, if you are a claw grip user, you ‘rest’ your hand on the bottom of the mouse and use your fingertips to position the mouse. Claw grip users manage to use their wrist a lot to position the mouse.
●The mouse grip that you simply use can have an impact on the potency of your aim. Choose what is comfortable for you. Although there are some exceptions rules, you will get the benefit of buying the best palm grip mouse this way.

Name of the best Palm Grip Mouse
Logitech G502 SE Hero- Outstanding Cable shielding Mouse
HyperX Pulsefire Raid
Roccat Kone Aimo
Logitech G203 Prodigy-High DPI Palm Grip Mouse
Razer DeathAdder V2- Best Palm Grip Mouse
Logitech G403 Hero- Editor’s Choice
Corsair Ironclaw-Best Long Runner Palm Grip Mouse
SteelSeries Rival 310

From the above list the 5 best palm grip mouse are shortly described in the below with their features:

●A great sensor.
●Comes with a lot of buttons.
●Well placed LED lights.
●Mouse weight is adjustable.

●The side grips could be much better.
●DPI indicator lights are not too good
●Small for large hands.

Logitech offers the best to its users from its build quality to performance and that’s which attracts most of the users to their mouse. The model Logitech G502 SE Hero is one of the best palm grip mice with outstanding cable shielding which is designed with ten buttons that allows you to program however you like. It comes with an adjustable weight which is 121g to add or release weight according to your needs in the mouse and the interface of this mouse is wired.

The lights of this mouse and the sensor system in this mouse are outstanding, and the blue light effects make it greatly more attractive. This mouse’s DPI is 16,000 and you can also increase or decrease it with a single button. Yet, the DPI lights indicator doesn’t look too aware. Although the design, features and looks of this mouse are great, this mouse is not for large hands else the side grips don’t look too good.

●12,000 DPI optical sensor
●Adjustable weight
●Well placed LED lights

●The design could be much better

Roccat Kone Aimo is one of the best palm grip mice and it’s a large and comfortable palm grip mouse with a 12,000 DPI optical sensor. It also offers the most features as well as one of the top optical sensors available on the market. The sensor of this mouse acts very well and provides optimum tracking on most mousepad surfaces, whether it’s hard plastic or cloth.

This mouse also offers on-onboard files and macros, adjustable USB polling rate, spectacular RGB LED rails along the sides and a 4D mouse wheel and it has programmable buttons. If you don’t mind the higher price marker, this palm grip mouse will provide you well in FPS, RTS, and other games.

●Budget-friendly price.
●The button switches and sensor quality is extraordinary.
●The software UI is very user friendly.

●The design could be much better.
●Bit small in size.
●Soft buttons that will disturb you

When you go to buy a palm grip mouse but don’t want to spend much on it, you have the best choice option is the Logitech G203 Prodigy. Although this mouse is very budget-friendly, you don’t have to compromise with the price features. This mouse comes with a wired interface and the DPI of this mouse is 8,000 which you can change with the buttons and are easy to configure. Excluding the middle mouse button, there are extra five buttons on the mouse and you can also program them in your way.
There are few blue colour lights on the black body of this mouse for aesthetics, which looks appealing. The feature of this mouse is that the software to configure the mouse is very user friendly, and you can easily program the mouse even if you’ve never done it before. Although the design of this mouse is good, it is not friendly for large hands, and it could be much better. Some of the buttons on this mouse move softly that’s why when you click them several times, you report it as a user.

●Best 20,000 DPI mouse
●The optional click sensors offer great durability.
●Very comfortable

●The button positions are not too good.
●Much pricier than the competitors.

Razer DeathAdder is a great choice for the best palm grip mouse choosing only if you don’t consider the budget because this one is a bit more expensive than the other competitors in the market. This mouse comes with 20,000 DPI categories, and there are eight buttons in total on this mouse, which you can program according to your need. The design of this mouse is outstanding and very easy to tackle and it is also perfect for both small and large hands.
One of the great features of this mouse is that the optional click sensors give great durability. Though the buttons on this mouse’s position are not so good and for some users, it is sometimes very hard to press the side buttons, but with such a great performance, this is a great mouse, and consider the price of this hardware before purchasing it.

●Work with both wired and wireless interfaces.
●A great choice for large hands.
●Configurable DPI through buttons and program.

●RGB placement is not too good.
●Don’t allow configurations with Bluetooth.
●Lacks wireless charging.

Corsair Ironclaw is another one of the best long runner palm grip mouse. This mouse is extraordinary and appears with all of the features we need in a palm grip mouse and is a bit more expensive than others.
18,000 DPI of this mouse which you can change from the DPI switch buttons and there are also extra two buttons, one is used for increasing, and the other is used for decreasing which allows you to change as you want. Another good thing is that it comes in both wired and wireless variants, and you can choose the one that you need. The weight of this mouse is a little bit higher than the other adversaries and the price is the same. One thing about this mouse is that the RGB placement on this mouse is not too good, and there are a few RGB lights on the lower side of it.


In this article, you are going to get the top best palm grip mouse. Here, you can notice that we are discussing different brands of the palm grip mouse, but all are best according to its performance.

From the list, I think Logitech G502 SE Hero is highly recommended as the best palm grip mouse for its features and other qualities and that’s why this keyboard is placed in the first position. In our opinion, the Logitech brand is best for palm grip mouse.

Although the Razer DeathAdder V2 is expensive, it is a comfortable and durable palm grip mouse. Besides, the other 3 options are also workable, comfortable, best palm grip mouse and won’t dissatisfy you at all. Overall, all the mouse on the list is the most effective and best.


In conclusion, it can be said that looking for the best palm grip mouse is very tough. We hope that you simply have enjoyed our guide about the best palm grip mouse. So sit down and give some thought to the type of features important to your device and which feature is suitable for your work and which mouse provides better performance and then go through our guide to find a palm grip mouse that you think is best. We are confident that this guide is probably going to help you a lot and you will find the best that will have you working in comfort for a long time to come.

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